One of the most significant events in someone’s life is getting married. Weddings can range from small weddings to huge weddings. There are many things involved during the planning process for a wedding. There are things like choosing the wedding party, venue, music, flowers, guest lists, food and many other things. For some people, this can be a very stressful task. Some people rely on the help of others to assist them with their planning process. For some that want professional help, there are many wedding celebrants and agencies available to choose from.


During a wedding reception, several people may be asked to do a speech. For some people, this comes naturally, and they can just fly by the seat of their pants. However, for others, this can be a difficult task. Some people require a lot of time to prepare a speech. Speeches can range from a short welcome to the family speeches or more in-depth speeches about the history of the bride and groom. Quite often, the parents of the bride and groom tell stories about their children’s childhoods and dreams. The best man may choose to “roast” the groom by telling funny or embarrassing stories about him.

Traditional Speeches

Traditionally at most wedding receptions, there are a few people that are chosen to make speeches. Most often, there is an MC (Master of Ceremonies) that will introduce the speakers. Normally speakers are the groom, the best man, father of the groom and father of the bride. However, other people may also be asked before the reception, or the MC may create an open forum in which anyone that wishes to say something can. Sometimes people are called upon on the spur of the moment to say a few words and maybe caught off guard. This is when it is important for those that are short on words to use their smartphones and lookup an iphone and android app for speeches. This can help alleviate the stress of becoming speechless. Smartphones have an abundance of applications available for many purposes.

Benefits of Owning a Smartphone

Not only are smartphones great for obtaining information instantly, but there are also many other benefits of owning a smartphone. Aside from the obvious, the ability to call and receive calls, text messages etcetera.

Communication is only one great feature of owning a smartphone. There are virtually apps for everything you could possibly need. There are banking apps, grocery shopping apps, meditation apps, and many apps for entertainment purposes. Smartphones are not only handy to have to conduct business, but they can provide an array of entertainment. The ability to go on gaming sites and bet through your phone is a great feature. Many casino and gaming sites are available through mobile apps and provide a great deal of entertainment.