Welcome to the website that is dedicated to the use of celebrants and the vital role that they play, especially in Australia. For those who are new to this type of professional, this is the site that is going to create a clear understanding of what a celebrant is and what they do.

There are many advantages to using a celebrant such as a wedding celebrant. One of these advantages is when it comes to religion, and the wedding couple doesn’t want to have to rely on traditional clergy.

We have provided some interesting posts here, and some of the highlights are as follows.

The Role of Celebrants

The post that we have dedicated to this revolves around what celebrants are and specifically what expectations are placed upon them. It will allow the reader to gain a greater understanding of what these professionals provide and where their services can be used.

Making the Choice

Once the decision has been made to use a celebrant, then the next decision to be made is which one. There is a post here that provides some useful tips for doing this when it comes to the wedding celebrant. The post talks about some ways to keep a wedding simple which is quite interesting.


One of the many tasks that take place with a wedding is the speeches. These are given by various persons, and they can be a bit daunting. We have created a post here that shows how modern technology can be relied on as a resource for those who have the responsibility of giving a wedding speech.

Celebrant Basics

The post on this topic expands a little more on the importance of the wedding celebrant and offers some additional tips for choosing the right one and doing some proper research.

The Right Celebrant

There are many different types of occasions that celebrants can be used for. The information we have provided here will help with the decision making as to the right one based on the event that their services are required for.

Hopefully, after enjoying what we have to offer about celebrants here, you will have a better understanding of these professionals and will consider their services when needed.