There are undoubtedly many different components which are part of planning a wedding. The decisions can be overwhelming for some, but one of the most critical aspects of the marriage is who will be the celebrant. Some modern trends are taking place concerning this.

Keeping It Simple

One of the best ways to remove the majority of the stress which often comes with a wedding is to keep it simple. This means no formal church ceremony or big receptions. This may also mean that instead of using an official celebrant, that the couple can choose to have friends conduct their wedding. However, it must be remembered that there are legalities to this.

To be legally married, it means having a certified celebrant oversee the vows which seal the marriage.

What some are doing is first having a private wedding ceremony. They will attend to all the legal requirements and have a celebrant oversee their vows. Then at a later date, they will hold what some may call a mock wedding. They will go through all the steps of a routine wedding, despite having already been legally married.

Chosing the Formal Wedding Celebrant

For those who want to follow the traditional wedding format, it means having to choose the celebrant who is an essential component of the ceremony. There is the option of selecting a celebrant who has the same religious beliefs of the wedding couple. By doing this, they are going to automatically know the needs and wants of the bride and groom. If the celebrant is not of the same religion, then it is essential to know that the celebrant will do some research into this.

Their Credentials

The celebrant who is being chosen to oversee the wedding vows is required to have certain credentials to bind the marriage legally. They do not have to be members of the clergy to do this. At least not in Australia, as they were the first nation which allowed for the use of non-clergy to preside over marriages. However, the celebrant must be registered with the Australian government as such, to be able to perform the wedding legally. The use of celebrants, as opposed to clergy, is something that has become quite popular.

The Advantages

Some couples believe there is an advantage of using a celebrant as opposed to clergy for their marriage. Especially if the couple is of different religions.